American Literature and Composition

For advanced students who wish to take the next step toward native English fluency, Advanced American Literature and Composition connects students to classic American writers such as Ray Bradbury, John Steinbeck, Natalie Babbitt, Jack London, and Mark Twain. Students practice analytical essay writing and expository composition.

English Reading and Writing (ESL)

This course is focused on improving English vocabulary and fluency. Students are exposed to a range of English literature from short stories to graphic novels. Furthermore they have an opportunity to practice reading and speaking in an immersive English language environment. Students complete written assignments and receive individualized help with their English grammar and composition.
This course is only open to non-native English speakers.

Introduction to Mandarin Chinese

Is Chinese mysterious but interesting to you? When spoken it sounds like singing, when written it looks like drawing? We invite you to join our Longfeifei Chinese Academy. No previous experience is required. Give yourself a few weeks to get to know this fascinating language under an experienced teacher’s guidance, learning about the strokes and pronunciations, talking about colors, time, family and numbers in Chinese. Before the Academy ends, you might be showing off your newly learned vocabulary!
This course is only open to non-native Chinese speakers.

Debate and Public Speaking

Students learn and practice public speaking skill, learn the major formats of debate, understand the key terminologies of debate, to practice each module of a debate, to be able to either give a speech or carry out a brief debate, even an entire debate by the end of the course,