Logistics for Overnight Campers

This list is for parents’ reference only. Parents should adjust the list according to their own child(ren)’s needs.

  • Personal vanity items: Please pack toothbrush, tooth paste, shampoo, conditioner, soap, hand towel, bath towel, etc.
  • Bedding: Summer camp will provide all bedding supplies, including pillow, pillow case, sheets, covers, etc.
  • Personal care items: Don’t forget sun block, mosquito repellent (necessary), hat, etc.
  • Clothing: Daily laundry will be picked up, cleaned and returned to campers on the next day, so please pack enough clothing; please pack some warm cloth in case temperature fluctuates; please bring at least one pair of sneaker and one pair of indoor slippers for activities and dorm use; for those participate in performing arts activity (musical and drama), please bring one pair of black leather shoes and one pair of black trousers for performance use; if you wish to go swimming, please bring swimming suit and goggles, the camp will provide swimming caps; please mark all personal belongings with water resist marker
  • Study related items: Pencil box, USB (for downloading camp projects and related content), summer homework, reading materials, etc.
  • Valuable items: We suggest all Campers to bring a camera. Some activities such as sci004 (Multimedia Software Production) requires a camera to complete class work; for others, Campers might want to use a camera to capture some memorable moments. Valuable items can be stored in the locked drawer in Campers’ dorm. We don’t suggest Campers to bring video game devices and cell phones. Video games are a distraction to Campers’ regular activities. Please bring a voltage converter if any overseas electronic devices are packed
  • Spare money: Campers should bring some spare money. Counselors will assist campers to purchase daily necessities. After camp activities and weekend activities also involve some expenses. Following estimates are for references only:
    -Swimming: Twice a week, total 6 times, the cost is ¥30 yuan per time
    -Laundry pick-up service: ¥7 yuan per pick up
    -Weekend activities: two weekends, total 4 trips, fees to be announced later. Fees for camp site activity are between ¥50-100 yuan each time; for off campus activities, fees range between ¥150-200 yuan