Dates and Fees

Longfeifei Youth Summer Camp – FDFZ 2016 will take place for three weeks from July 11 to July 29, 2016.

Overnight Campers (including domestic and overseas) must select activities for the entire three week period:

  • The fee is ¥13050Yuan or $2100. This fee includes accommodation for three weeks (7 days a week) and tuition for three week activities, but does not include round trip airfare, insurance, and fees for weekend activities, material cost and other incidental fees.
  • All fees must be paid before May 30, 2016 to secure overnight spot.
  • Deposit (non- refundable) is ¥5000Yuan or $750, payable upon registration.

Day Campers must select at least one activity (unless specified, all of the activity lasts for three hours per day, for five days):

  • Each activity costs ¥1500Yuan or $240.
  • If stay for lunch, there is a weekly lunch cost of ¥225Yuan or $45 (five days a week).
  • If stay for both morning and afternoon activities, plus lunch, the total weekly fee is ¥3225Yuan or $525.
  • The deadline for registration and payment is two weeks before the activity starts. All fees are payable upon registration.

For some activities, additional material cost may be applied. Please refer to “Activity Descriptions” for details.

It’s our general policy of not refunding the fee due to absence. For those Campers who select six (6) activities, if there are extraordinary reasons that prevent them attending the activities, we will refund 20% of unused tuition. There will be no refund if the activity has started.

Fees for swimming, weekend trips and laundry will be collected upon arrival at the camp. Once registered and paid, it’s our general policy that there will be no refund. If there are extraordinary reasons that prevent Campers from attending the activities or using the service, we will refund 20% of unused fees.