Parents or guardians must register for students by filling out on line registration form. A registration is only complete when all three forms are completed: The Information Form, The Activity Sheet and signing the Agreement Form. A registration is incomplete if any of the forms is missing, hence the Camper’s spot is not guaranteed.

After completing the registration, please send the fees and student’s name and camper ID (generated by the on line form once it is completed) in person or by mail to:

China: Please pay by cash to:
Mr. Zhou Guangming
Fudan Fuzhong School of Continuing Education
No. 2, Zhengxi Road
Shanghai, China, 200433
Tel : 86-21-6564-7956 (Office) ,86-136-5177-3370 (mobile)
Office Hour: Mon ~ Fri, 9:00 am ~ 4:00 pm

Or wire to:
Please note the child’s name
Bank information (we accept both Chinese RMB and US Dollar ):
Bank name: 中国银行上海市国定路支行
Account number: 436462794460
Account name: 上海杨浦区复旦附中进修学校

West Coast of USA: Please mail the check to:
(Check payable to: Fudan Univ. Alumni Association of N. CA)
105 Serra Way, #208
Milpitas, CA 95035
The United States
Tel: 864-650-4216, or 650-417-3324

East Coast of USA: Please mail the check to
(Check payable: Fudan Alumni USA Inc.)
Fudan Alumni USA Inc.
729 Madison Street, Unit 3F
Hoboken, NJ 07030
The United States
Tel: 1 347 679 0575

Other U.S. regions: Please contact the East or West coast to arrange registration and payment.