The Children Cooperation Center is the Co-Sponsor of “Longfeifei Youth Summer Camp – FDFZ 2016” (Longfeifei Camp or Camp). It was developed in response to the narrow emphasis on examination results. It uses tested methods for children to obtain a more balanced education with special attention to character building. The success of these methods depends on the cooperative relationships among various social groups who jointly share the responsibility of providing a broader education to the children by efficiently using the resources of few to provide for many. The concerned groups teach children valuable lessons, share resources and experiences, provide psychological support and create social awareness in a broader setting. The Children Cooperation Center’s commitment to character building is based on the 5C’s: Confidence, Communication, Cooperation, Compassion and Creativity, for fostering excellence in children. It serves the needs of children ranging from 8 to 16 years old. It combines the strengths of both Chinese and American curriculum. Since its inception in 2008, the Children Cooperation Center ( helped to organize “LongFeifei Youth Summer Camp”, “Longfeifei Youth Summer Academy”, “Shanghai Theater Academy (STA) Children’s English Theater Program”, “Golden Eaglet Liberal Arts Program” and “Golden Eaglet Youth Winter Camp”.