The management team is composed of experienced professionals, including current and retired principals, director of logistics and teachers from FDFZ, experienced management professional from abroad and seasoned foreign teachers. In the living area, we have staff on duty 24 hours a day to provide services. The Camp adopts the counselor model that is prevalent in American camps where each activity will be taught by one experienced teacher and assisted by a bilingual counselor. To ensure a safe, happy and productive camp experience for the children, we will limit the number of Campers in each activity to 16.

Mr. Xiaoxin Wu

Mr. Wu holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chinese Language Arts(1992) and a Master Degree in Education Administration (1998) from East China Normal University. Mr. Wu is a senior Chinese teacher and has held the posts of Dean of Studies, Vice Principal of FDFZ, Principal of the Fudan Fuzhong International School (FIS) and the Principle of The Middle School Affiliated to Fudan University. He received the “Outstanding Teacher ” award issued by the Shanghai Municipal Government in 1996. He is the Principal of Fudan Fuzhong School of Continuing Education. Regarding teaching, Mr. Wu said, “An excellent school is one which can provide students with a wide educational platform, guiding the students to consummate their personalities and give them enough room to develop their own characters.”

Ms. Fanghua Jiang

Over time, Ms. Jiang held senior positions with various firms in the USA, including JP Morgan and Paloma Partners. She retired from being an investment professional as a Partner at Global Endowment Management LP, an investment company based in Charlotte, NC. She co founded Fudan Fuzhong Overseas Foundation in 2006 and has been serving as the President since its inception. In July, 2008, Ms. Jiang relocated to Shanghai with her family and created the Children’s Cooperation Center to promote children’s character education in China. Ms. Jiang is the Director for LongFeiFei Youth Summer Camp ( and Golden Eaglet Youth Winter Camp (; she established the Shanghai Theater Academy Children’s English Theater Program and Golden Eaglet Liberal Arts Program.