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Jointly sponsored by FDFZ School of Continuing Education and Children’s Cooperation Center, “Longfeifei Youth Summer Camp – FDFZ 2016” (Longfeifei Camp or Longfeifei or Camp) will take place at FDFZ from July 11 to July 29, 2016. The Camp is open to Campers from grade 1 to 9 by September 2016.
Longfeifei Camp models itself after American style camps with more than 50 activities offered, including academics, arts, science and sports. Longfeifei is designed as an English and Chinese bilingual camp where children can learn and improve their language skills and make friends with other campers from around the world. With a full schedule of classes and fun activities, 2016 will be a memorable summer for the young Campers.


The welcoming and energetic Longfeifei (the flying dragon) is the logo of the Camp. FDFZ will welcome Campers from around the world with the spirit of Longfeifei – mystery, adventure and liveliness.


FDFZ is one of the most prestigious high schools in Shanghai. It is located near Fudan University campus in northeast Shanghai with convenient transportation to local sites. The campus provides the Campers with ample areas for sports, advanced teaching facilities and excellent accommodation.

Management and Teachers

The management team is composed of experienced professionals, including current and retired principals, director of logistics and teachers from FDFZ, experienced management professional from abroad and seasoned foreign teachers. In the living area, we have staff on duty 24 hours a day to provide services. The Camp adopts the counselor model that is prevalent in American camps where each activity will be taught by one experienced teacher and assisted by a bilingual counselor. To ensure a safe, happy and productive camp experience for the children, we will limit the number of Campers in each activity to 16.


Campers are categorized into overnight and day Campers:

  • Day Campers are local and overseas children who do not need on campus accommodation. They should be grade one and up by September 2016. They can participate in all daily activities.


The activities are composed of four categories: academics, arts, science and sports. When selecting activities, please note the age specification on each activity. Unless specified, each activity lasts for 5 half days (3 hours a day, for five days). This setup will allow the children to have ample time to participate in an activity they are truly interested in. It will also allow the parents to assist their children to form a schedule that encompasses both academic and enrichment activities. In addition to the bilingual environment in each activity, the Camp also offers Chinese language courses to overseas children. These Chinese courses encourage learning through oral practice. For overnight Campers, the Camp will also arrange after-camp activities and weekend activities.


The Camp provides spacious and clean dining environment with a variety of healthy food choices. Accommodations are modern and efficient with two single beds per room. Each room is fully equipped with air conditioning, private shower, microwave, refrigerator and work space. Laundry service is offered to the Campers with a fee. To ensure better communication between the Campers and their parents, the Camp will publish photos and written report to the website each day. The Campers also have access to internet during the designated time under the supervision of counselors.

Registration and information

Longfeifei summer camp site: www.longfeifei.com, it has all the information about summer camp course, dining and accommodation, registration and payment information. Please refer to the website if you have questions. Please contact the persons listed below:

  • USA West Coast:
    Ms. Yuan, angieyuan2009@gmail.com, 1 650-814-8176
  • USA East Coast: Ms. Jiang, fhjendowment@gmail.com, 1 347-679-0575
  • China and other area: Ms. Jiang, fhjendowment@gmail.com, wechat: jiang_fanghua

Registration can be done by using our online registration form at:

  • Register by online registration form:
    (Chinese language): https://www.longfeifei.com/shanghai/cn/admission/online-form/
    (English language): https://www.longfeifei.com/shanghai/en/admission/online-form/